If 99% of our work goes directly online, why do we still need 35+ Megapixel Cameras?

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Re: If 99% of our work goes directly online, why do we still need 35+ Megapixel Cameras?

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I've been shooting for a decades. I started with film, switched to digital 20 years ago, and have always purchased high megapixel cameras as most of my clients requested and bought prints. Prints sales are nearly zero and I'm questioning why upgrade my 5DM4s to R5s. When I send clients full res images as the request, many don't realize how large the files are, or how to resize them (most do, but there are still those who don't know). In my studio I have 12 - 15 large 24x36 framed (no matte) photos of shoots (I photography people - fashion, corporate, environmental portraits, etc), and some were taken with 5DM4, some even with an older Canon 7D M1. My photog friends cannot see the difference at 24x36. Any input on megapixel size in 2021 would be helpful. Thanks.

Well, high-megapixel images aren't just about final resolution. Think of them as the next step in the dumbing-down of photography.

First there was (in film days) the motor drive, then (for digital) the insane frame rates. That meant it was no longer necessary to select "the decisive moment" while actually shooting, it could be done later!

Then, with high-MP cameras, it was no longer necessary to have an aesthetic sense in order to precisely compose/frame before taking the shot, it could be done later!

The final step will be artificial intelligence, which will choose the particular frame, and then do the cropping, from all the megapixels in all those high-frame-rate bursts!

And at that point, the photographer will be completely dispensable!

Welcome to the modern world!

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