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some considerations inserted in your post

mrmaxs wrote:

Hi, would appreciate some help for a novice. I am trying to use my camera in a different mode from programmable and DMF. Am trying Manual with Continuous Focusing

Forget about Continous Focusing mode on the RX10Mk3. Owning this cam for now about 5 years, this mode is the only real flaw of it. But if you use the static AF and moving subject isn't among your most shot then you perhaps won't even notice because it's fast and precise (in good to fair lighting conditions). I've done some sports/action with this cam in this focussing mode working with prefocus / anticipation of the move.

and also at times with burst shooting

Since no Continous Focussing it doesn't make much sense to shoot in bursts since no tracking. Well, perhaps worth to be clear: Yes CAF "works" (sort of) but you'll certainly notice that the shots most likely will show focus in front of the subject or behind. It jumps around and never settles on the subject, even static or slow sidewards movement which hardly won't change the distance.  As said, things are very different in SAF and with fast releasing / refocussing it's not difficult to follow slow movement.

. In order to compare the photos it would be useful to know what settings were used rather than just the aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

My used apertures are essentially in the (small) range from f/4 through f/5.6. Exposure time mostly as required for the selected focal length on the lens (roughly the old film-times rule of 1/FL s or faster which means about 1/640s or faster a full 600mm eq). For ISO I'm using from 100 through 1,600 as lighting situation requires in combination with the desired exposure time. If needed I extend to ISO3,200.

When I transfer the photos from the SD card to my tablet those details are absent. Is there anyway I could make that information visible.

Strange. Did you check the file's Properties (in Windows right click, last item of the list). Other than that most, if not every photo viewing software should offer to view the so-called EXIF data which also holds the exposure data. Some photo editing software however allows for stripping off the EXIF data for Web presentation since there could be also information about the creator/owner of a cam, GPS data of where the photo was taken, date, time.

Thank you, Max

HTH. And have fun with your cam.

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