How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

arbeterfroyen wrote:

Yeah, at this point I do not have the the connections (used to have NYT and NY Mag photog friends) or art community I used to and need to rebuild, but I also don't think I have the drive to restart anything more than gigs for friend's businesses and whatnot. But I am doing a lot of art-for-arts-sake lately and art shows seem like a perfectly nice way to show off a series even if there isn't a further end than to know someone may have liked seeing them. Why not, right?

Makes sense... I like your comment about "art-for-arts-sake" as that to me is ultimately what ends up being the most rewarding, whether or not you're able to get other folks interested in what you do. One could of course take the kind of photos that they think that other folks would want to see and then aggressively sell them. Though that stuff might be considered "art," it isn't the kind of "art-for-arts-sake" that I think you're talking about and instead it really becomes just another product to sell. Even if you're creating the kind of unchallenging, generic, superficially pretty images that tend to be easiest to sell, there's really no guarantee that you're going to sell the stuff anyway. If you were hypothetically to make a body of such work and did sell a bit of it, you might be left wondering if you would have gotten more out of exploring your own creativity than from the bit of money that you got from selling a prints. Having a show like what you're proposing sounds pretty ideal actually because it means that you'll be able to show your work without worrying about it fitting into the criteria of some sales gallery.

With a show like that, done on your own terms, there are no compromises and at the very least, it'll give you and excuse to print some photos and being able to see those prints is in a way, it's own reward. Any attention that you get, let alone sales is then icing on the cake!

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