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Re: Question about G9 near shift & far shift functions

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I just got the G9 and updated the firmware to 2.4. I saw a Youtube video about using the near shift and far shift functions. I assigned these buttons to the two front buttons (4 & 5). It works great ... except ... after I've pressed one of these buttons I need to take the shot. If I press the shutter button quickly won't the camera try to reset the focus when the shutter button is pressed? Do I need to disable AF on the shutter button? This isn't a good solution for me because I often use a half-press to focus. Most shots I take don't require the use of far shift and near shift. What's the best way to set this up on the G9?

What works for me is to treat the Near and Far Shift buttons as if they were doing Back Button Focus: I hold the button down while pressing the shutter release. This appears to override the shutter button AF.

With this in mind, you may want to reassign those buttons if the current assignment proves to be awkward when pressing them + the shutter at the same time. I have Near on Fn1, and Far on Fn4. This works for me for pressing both, and also makes sense to my mind in that I push the button closer to me for Near Shift, and the farther one for Far Shift.

I always use BBF, so have disabled ‘shutter AF’. One big benefit of that is, once you have ‘item’ in focus, you can take multiple shots without having camera AF again. Really good when waiting for just the right instance.

One downside for some people is they rely on shutter button to do everything. However, once you have force yourself to use for a few weeks, ‘muscle memory’ kicks in and you just naturally press the BBF button as you go to take image.

The same goal can be achieved by switching to MF and hitting the one-time AF spot on the touchscreen. Horses for courses.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when using AFC & BBF one needs to continuously press AF-ON in order to track and follow a moving subject, yes? Don't really see an advantage in that scenario.

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