Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

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Re: Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

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Yes you have to view this at 100% to really see it. I'm not having that issue. Thinking out the box I had similar issues with Topaz on my 8 year old computer. Not on the outsides but the same type of result. Not enough processing power. After getting a new one a few years ago the problem went away.

Someone at Topaz (I think) suggested to resize the file and then try it in Topaz and see what happens. When I resized to about 50% the problem went away.

By the way I just got a bug fix update notice from ON1 today.

Yesterday I've received 2 updates, one for NoNoise, another for PhotoRaw 2021.

Neither one solved my problems.

Try at 50% and then send it to NoNoise.

And if that doesn't work try 25% and so on. Eventually, the downsizing is bound to fix it. Downsizing enough will also make the noise along with the artifacts disappear too so no need to even bother actually using NoNoise.

Which defeats the purpose but is just a test.

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