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cpharm86 wrote:

I would like to shoot more macro shots and hoping for suggestions. I am using the Canon R5, Canon RF 100 2.8 Macro and just purchased a Raynox DCR-250 macro conversion lens.

Prior to trying the Raynox DCR-250 I was able to take decent macro shots handheld. With the conversion lens it appears to be almost impossible. I can't keep stuff in focus long enough to get a decent shot.

Would I need just to use a tripod or do I need a focusing rail also?

Thank you for your advice.

To answer your question, you would need a focusing rail or you couldn't get the Image size and focus with the camera stationary on the tripod. You might not notice hand-held, but you're moving to a point to lock focus.

1:1 in full frame is relatively easy hand-held. Get beyond that and it's a lot more difficult and much easier with flash. You'll need to stop down more as you increase the magnification, so you won't have much shutter speed.

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