How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

newnorm wrote:

IMHO, If you don't need money from your photography to put food on the table, I don't think you should care whether people like your photo or not. Just treat photography as your visual journal, and worry less about what other people think about your photography. Enjoy it as a hobby, without pressure. I'd love to have that freedom, but unfortunately, I can't.

That's the conclusion I came to with my own photography. As a beginner, I worried whether my pictures were any good, which meant 'Do other people like my pictures?" But I enjoy the process, the equipment (and yes, my results) so much, that I decided to not care whether my pictures appeal to anybody else. Because If nobody likes my pictures, then I ought to quit photographing, and that would deprive me of this fascinating hobby. Better to change my attitude to indifference about  approval from others.

Now that I have 11 years under my belt and have a significant amount of work, photography has become a deeply personal thing. I assume it's the same for all serious photographers -- that one's own work resonates deeply & strongly within one's self, but not very much for other people.

IMO, most people don't respond to a photographic image unless it's a snapshot of smiling relatives or friends. Other subjects aren't that interesting. Photographs don't move people as readily as music does. Photography ranks with dance as an appealing art -- some like & get it, most don't.

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