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Re: What about 2x the other way?

tkbslc wrote:

Many phones now have 1/1.7 or larger main sensors. That means they have about a 2x crop difference from m4/3.

If a 2x crop from FF to 4/3 is easily dismissed as hype, then surely the difference between phones and m4/3 is also hype. So here we are with no IQ benefit for a dedicated camera at all.

Or does it only work to compare crop factors one way? Anything smaller than 4/3 is not big enough, but everything bigger is hype?

While I don't agree with the "the FF advantage is just hype" position, it might make sense that it only works in one direction.

Let's say for the sake of the argument that m4/3 is at the lower limit of what is good enough. Twice as good is more than good enough, but maybe the difference isn't that noticeable. But something that is only half as good as good enough is, by definition, not good enough.

Put another way, with less reliance on semantics: Let's say I need to earn $1,000 a week to pay my mortgage, eat, run my car etc - basically to get by reasonably comfortably. If I got a better job and made $2,000 I could live more comfortably but it might not be enough to get me a better house or a much better car, or buy my own space program. If the new job was going to involve a lot more stress and longer hours, it may not change my life enough to be worth it. A job paying $500 might be easy and involve shorter hours but would not be enough for me to get by - I could lose my house and car.

For some people, m4/3 is the $1,000 job and the size and weight of full frame are like the $2,000 job. A phone camera may feel a lot like a $500 job.

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