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Pi lover wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

TLDR: I know it's hard to believe from looking at my photography, but sometimes I actually know what I am doing (I actually do have a university diploma in signal processing but it's not like I wasn't tinkering before and afterwards). Or believe firmly enough to do so that I'll listen to advice only after I've crashlanded and made a spectacle of myself. Unless you want to register for a "told you so" it's probably easiest to amusedly shake your head at my adolescent excitement and wait for the moment where I have to admit being out of my wits.

If the speaker is buzzing with a hundred watt amp more power certainly wouldn't help.

Well, superglue does not exactly seem like a hightech solution but then sometimes problems are properly solved with simple means.  The buzzing is not because the speaker is out of its specs but out of order.  Meaning that I identified the correct remedy does not mean that I am the best person to apply it, so it's certainly appropriate to cross fingers so that I don't glue the speaker cone in place, sealing the speaker's fate.

I'm quite aware from the things you do that you are capable Dak. Diploma in signal processing is impressive. I didn't know you were at THAT level.

Well, I never completed the PhD (I figured out much later that it had been futile to try proving the general stability of my thesis' algorithm since it was generic enough that it could be parameterised to match fluid dynamics where turbulent flow is a well-known phenomenon of instability).  So diploma is the level I have to contend with.

But tinkering is fun independently.  It doesn't take from the fun that I can convince myself that I know what I am doing.  I'll get to rein in my superiority complex some other time.  It's not like life doesn't have plenty of reality checks in store for me.

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