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Pi lover
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Dak on cam wrote:

TLDR: I know it's hard to believe from looking at my photography, but sometimes I actually know what I am doing (I actually do have a university diploma in signal processing but it's not like I wasn't tinkering before and afterwards). Or believe firmly enough to do so that I'll listen to advice only after I've crashlanded and made a spectacle of myself. Unless you want to register for a "told you so" it's probably easiest to amusedly shake your head at my adolescent excitement and wait for the moment where I have to admit being out of my wits.

If the speaker is buzzing with a hundred watt amp more power certainly wouldn't help.

I'm quite aware from the things you do that you are capable Dak.  Diploma in signal processing is impressive.  I didn't know you were at THAT level.


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