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Pi lover wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Now I found buzzing with loud bass notes and after trying to locate the source I figured that the bass speaker itself is ungluing at its base. So I need to get some strong and temperature-resistant glue I can apply without it seeping anywhere where it would cause terminal damage.

It would be far too expensive to get a replacement speaker, its specs are basically unknown and an exact replacement would not be possible, and now the crossover is tuned to it.

Have you ever checked these out Dak?


You'd need a second amp but classd amps are cheap.

This is a vintage amp.  I am taking a lot of liberties with that I'll admit but I sort of retain its spirit (or possibly the spirit of my youth).  Admittedly the horn speaker driver now in there was not available at the time the thing was built but otherwise technology is pretty much the same as it was.  Including a spring reverb.  And rotating horns.

I can read the circuit diagrams, I can work it.  After fixing the speakers, I'll be adding an input with plugin power so that I don't need batteries for electret microphones.  Frankly, I've thought about dropping in a D-class amp almost a decade ago.  But that would turn it more or less into a black box for me.  And I have no idea how much I could trust that (I cannot trust the current one either, of course, but I can diagnose and fix it).  They call their black boxes "2000W" or similar.  This is an amp specified for 100W.  And those 100W it can actually deliver continuously, and the output volume at that level is way above typical HiFi speakers.

It still wouldn't cover the hole from 600-800 (probably bigger if measured).

How do you think I would have figured out the problematic range without measuring?  I've measured frequency responses of both acoustic reproduction and the voltages at the speakers to make sure my modifications do not come at a cost in reduced lifetime.

REW software is a free download to measure if you have a mic. Omnidirectional is preferred to get rid of reflections.

Oh, I do measure with an omni though "to get rid of reflections" sure counts as a rather startling rationale for that choice in my book.

TLDR: I know it's hard to believe from looking at my photography, but sometimes I actually know what I am doing (I actually do have a university diploma in signal processing but it's not like I wasn't tinkering before and afterwards).  Or believe firmly enough to do so that I'll listen to advice only after I've crashlanded and made a spectacle of myself.  Unless you want to register for a "told you so" it's probably easiest to amusedly shake your head at my adolescent excitement and wait for the moment where I have to admit being out of my wits.

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