Bigger sensor verses better quality lens

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Re: Lot of factors

trungtran wrote:

What about glass? Important, but I think this is only valid if the choice is to upgrade the body within the same sensor size.


G7 to G8

A lens will give better improvement over body upgrade.

G7 to FF

Bigger sensor will give a more noticeable improvement.

Visualizing one aspect of sensor upgrade, high ISO:

As shown above, when normalizing resolution to the G7, the G95 offers a meaningful improvement to low light performance, arguably better than the older Canon 70D that the OP also appears to own.

Combining a newer generation with a larger full frame sensor (and Sigma's superb in-camera JPEG engine) makes the G7 look rather outdated.

Having said that, I'm personally more interested in low ISO performance, but the 61mp output of the Sigma will shine there as well, especially as it has a lower base ISO than the G7.

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