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Birddogman wrote:

Ok, that makes sense. Sorry to put you through the agonizing explanation for idiots. 🙂

I would have thought you to know me well enough by know to figure out that it's more agonizing for me to refrain from explaining things, so thanks for the excuse.  And frankly, if not being familiar with the details of loudspeaker crossover circuitry defines an idiot, there'd be an awful lot of them around.

The takeaway may be that they contain big and somewhat expensive components and I was breaking apart some to save me from buying others.

The living room actually looked quite a mess: since simulations on the computer are rather rough approximations for loudspeakers, I unwound an inductor by and by until it behaved in the right manner, covering the ground in coils of copper wire (if the wire is lying loosely on the floor rather than arranged in a neat coil, it loses the bulk of its inductance).  It takes a considerably amount of determination to actually cut the wire which pretty much seals the deal.

Now I found buzzing with loud bass notes and after trying to locate the source I figured that the bass speaker itself is ungluing at its base.  So I need to get some strong and temperature-resistant glue I can apply without it seeping anywhere where it would cause terminal damage.

It would be far too expensive to get a replacement speaker, its specs are basically unknown and an exact replacement would not be possible, and now the crossover is tuned to it.

Projects have a tendency to outgrow my planning.

In the mean time, the postal office has mislaid a package from the UK that I also need.  I need to start making photographs to justify posting my rants here.

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