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Re: Finally a dog run today

Birddogman wrote:

The weather here has ben horrible - very hot, humid and rainy. I do no do well in such conditions. Today, it was finally down to 85F, but still with tons of humidity, so, in desperate need of exercise, we took the first dog run for a while.

Nothing slows the dogs down if they can stay wet. There was an hour-long wild goose chase at the pretty lake. Joy at work:

85F with humidity is summer for sure.  I'm hoping the humidity gives up soon.

The trees that got stripped by the gypsy moths have all grown leaves back.  There won't be apples this year but the trees look like next year will be normal again.

I went for a walk by the river the other day and an older gentleman was checking out a sign for mooring boats.  During our conversation he lamented that people didn't clean up after their dogs.  It wasn't from a dog.  Goose poop is as big as a small dogs though.


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