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Re: The side hinged rear LCD debacle

Tom Caldwell -

“One thing seems for sure - that a RF-style body coupled with a side hinged lcd is a disaster on the market. Vide: Panasonic GX8 and Olympus Pen-F. It will be interesting to see how the paragons of side hinged lcd (Sony) get on with their A7c camera. Seems quite good, but I passed on it as well as the S5 because of that infernal side hinge.”

This so true.

Plus it’s getting to the point now where when I see the introduction of a new camera the very first thing I look at is the rear LCD mechanism. If it’s a side hinged selfie screen I completely blank that camera, it’s dead to me.

I think Canon are a disgrace here, they seem to be only ever going to be using the side hinged going forward, they do not care about offering us a choice. Yet when I bring this up all I get back is ‘They are the best selling camera brand.’ Mmm just think how many more they’d sell if they gave us a choice.

Anyway, my S1 is sublime. Built like a tank with great handling…. And that beautiful, swift, inconspicuous rear LCD gives me great joy 😊

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