Canon cancels Olympics booths

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Re: Canon cancels Olympics booths

ericbowles wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

Wigelii wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

I’m sure you’re right, Pro Services for Nikon, Canon, and Sony will be there to support working photographers.

Why do these photographers need the pro booths? What do these offer that enables them to do work they couldn't do without?

Expedited repairs, on-site loan equipment especially of rare lenses, advise, a chance for the manufacturers to talk with working photographers and get feedback.

I've got a friend that used to do this kind of work for Canon. They always had a group of senior reps and techs at these big events - Olympics, Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, etc. He would literally set up the cameras for optimum performance for specific events. It's the way they support pros and their employers at these events. You've got hundreds of pro cameras at the events and a any equipment problems need to be handled immediately.

Are Canon cameras that unreliable? And I suppose the Pros have spare equipment? I am only semi-pro and I always have at least 3 main bodies and 2 spare bodies with me.

And even when working for days on a row during 11 hours a day, I have never experienced serious problems with my equipment.

Maybe one has to  consider the pro booths as an insurance?

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