What shutter speed should I use?

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Re: Not shutter speed

AndreaW wrote:

Thank you. I did focus on the insect. It was cloudy when I took the photos. I never thought of using a narrower aperture because I was concerned that with a narrower aperture and a fast shutter speed the ISO would be too high. It makes perfect sense that there is lack of depth of field in my photos because the apertures the camera selected with 1/400 s were to wide. Would it be better to take photos like these in manual mode? If I use TV mode with Auto ISO the camera will select a too wide aperture and if I use AV mode with Auto ISO the camera will select a too low shutter speed.

I think your sharpest focus is in front of the bee.

And even 1/1000s will not stop the wings ... (they are (very) fast.

A flash might however since for close-up, some (auto) strobes can be 1/10,000 to 1/50,000s, (1/1000s @ full-power).

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