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Re: Both extremely competent

adymitruk wrote:

newmikey wrote:

adymitruk wrote:

Considering switching from one to the other. Any thoughts?

Also, where is a good place to learn how to learn either? I can't ever seem to get anything close to what the jpegs are from my camera..

Seeing your remark above I'd say: stick with the one you are using. Just like a camera switch does not make your shots suddenly better, the switch of a raw converter will not do anything for your jpegs.

Both converters mentioned are very worthy competitors delivering extremely capable results. Darktable is somewhat kinder on memory requirements.

Also, consider your raw processing to always end up differently from the camera's OOC jpeg and don't try to mimic it - just try to process to a result that you yourself like. If you'd like to duplicate your camera's jpegs, why not use them to begin with and save yourself the trouble? Today's cameras are capable of absolutely gorgeous jpeg output.

FYI, I shoot raw-only and convert with just about the simplest raw converter of them all: UFRaw although I do sometimes dabble with RawTherapee, Darktable and Photivo but I always come back to the basics - I like separating the raw conversion from image processing and limiting the conversion to debayering and applying WB and a tone/contrast curve, the rest is done in PP. I am aware this is somwhat of a "dark ages" type of working but I like to keep control.

Thanks for your response. I love my camera's jpeg colour rendition, but hate the lack of fine detail. Hence I jump to raw. Frustrating until I master the raw editors.

Why not try the free Sony Express version from Capture One. Excellent raw converter. You don't need the full version for just converting raws. Exposure and WB correction if necessary, auto level, a slight s-curve, some clarity and detail, is usually enough.


Darktable and RawTherapee a certainly great editors, but their interface it a bit different from other applications. Art is a fork of RawTherapee with a more worldly interface.

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