What shutter speed should I use?

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Re: What shutter speed should I use?

There are two separate considerations of correct shutter speed.

1. For "stationary" subjects and hand-holding "camera" shake ... the traditional "rule" for the minimum SS was the reciprocal of the (equivalent) focal-length of the lens, (and many used at least 1-stop faster SS).

However VR/IS has allowed longer SS's than that rule, (newer cameras up to 6-stops longer).

2. However, SS can be used (very) creatively by either a much-much longer SS (if tripod is available), for water-flow etc.  This can be about 1-second or even longer.

Or ...

Only slightly longer for deliberate subject motion to convey dynamic movement from a "moving" subject, (aka bicycle-wheels, or hands/feet moving on a walking person).  This may be about 1/30s.

But ...

You may also want to "freeze" motion for a very fast moving subject.  (aka 1/1000s or faster since up to 1/4000s is now available)

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