Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: Is my thinking about equivalence right?

NowHearThis wrote:

Not one time in for the past 30 years of shooting have I ever thought about equivalence while actually taking pictures. And my photography has never been negatively impacted. The same thing will hold true for you.

Remember: Equivalence will never help you get your lighting and composition right. Those 2 things matter far more and getting them right will make a bigger and more positive impact in your photography.

Yes, I shot 35mm, 120 6x7, and 4"×5" depending on what was needed. There were huge differences in quality, mainly grain, between the 3 formats. Other than the camera movements my Sinar 4"x 5" had, I find the differences between all the formats today to be minimal in comparison. I have made 1.5m wide prints from a good m43 file, and am perfectly happy... I could have only dreamed of that capability from a portable (non 4" × 5") film system.

If I download images from the best FF and MF digital sensors today, I marvel at how good they are when counting eyelashes at 200% on a good monitor and with my nose up against the screen. A similar m43 image is still stunning IMHO, but with a few less eyelashes to count clearly. At ISO 3200 and higher (processing RAW with DXO Deep Prime), m43 falls behind more, but if my picture can stand alone on subject matter, I still find it good enough. YMMV.

I have invested in fast glass to make the most I can of my m43 system and its weakness at very high ISO. For me, this rounds my system off as almost totally adequate for my needs. If I research FF, I find that to get the next, obvious, jump in capability (IQ), I would need to go heavier, bigger and more expensive (I do not see value in getting f1.8 FF primes, f4.0 FF zooms and a 24mp FF camera, even though, technically, I would still be getting an uptick in IQ at a similar or cheaper price, similar or less weight, and thus arguably even better value). There are too many other features I find in my m43 gear that I would have to lose or, simply, don't like the look or handling of those arguably better alternatives, or I would have to keep some m43 and either carry both systems or make hard decisions about what mix and match gear to take with me. Not for me. Running Olympus and Panasonic gear with different batteries, different lens features per system and different AF strengths, is where the line is drawn for me.

Funny thing is, even when I have fast for m43 glass with me for functions/ weddings, f1.8 or faster, I often have to stop down a couple stops to get two or more people in focus... FF would mean a couple stops more again.

Now if I was well off, retired with time on my hands (plus an inclination/ opportunity to travel and get up very early before sunrise), and had a 30" wide photo quality printer at home (with a room big enough to work with it), a Fuji MF 100mp camera and a cracking super wide angle lens would be a great way to amuse and amaze myself. As I will only likely achieve one of those objectives (by default inevitably), it will remain a dream, but all the power to those that can do that now, today. The very best IQ gear is indeed most delectable.

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