1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

lightandaprayer wrote:

I was wondering when this would happen. . . 1Password support has been rather antagonistic toward customers who have stuck with classic licenses. No wonder: With a customer base of over 15 million, subscriptions result in a huge positive cash-flow for the company.

Since 1Password is mature tech we are unlikely to see much in the way of new features or improvements in service. I have upgraded only when I had to and I've saved a lot of money compared to the subscription option.

I haven't kept up with all of 1Password's competitors but I know that some have also switched to the subscription model. I am going to consider my options but since I have over 561 items stored in my local vault, switching to another password manager may be difficult, if not impossible. I imagine that I will learn more here in this thread.

Because 1Password 6 and 7 accepted both local vaults and subscription, I was using both for some time. Hard to switch to anything else (back to local vaults and lose functionality), It is still sad to see local vaults go.

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