16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have


I find it puzzling that you promote cameras/ability that you have no experience using.

I told you already - I have experience with xe3 and several olympuses the xe3 gives me a good baseline because it’s pretty good and the xt4, xe4 generation are better

also I have you links to independent reviews that state the rankings for bif nothing is made up here

You speak broadly of brands but when you get down to it, you do not use the actual cameras you pretend to know.

false I have quite extensive experience with Fuji and Olympus (since 4/3 days)

If xe3 is all you have to go on, you discredit yourself.

nope I also have an x100v

If you are paid Fuji promoter then they should at least train you on current cameras and competitors.

oh now you are suggesting I am a paid Fuji promoter?


Paranoid much??? I have always said for a while I am shooting m43 - did you miss my em10 Mark iv and ep7 on going impressions? Those are pretty darn recent.

The ep7 is ongoing.

oh wait hold on I recommended someone to not jump to a canon m59 they were considering and get an em10.4 or em5.3 instead

wow what’s that? I won an em.3 also imagine that

maybe I am a paid OMDS promoter

Its precisely this BS that keeps some comments here so laughable

This false-equivalency you try to push does you no favor.

I am afraid this post says more about you that whatever you were suggesting to say about me.  Anyway  done

good luck

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