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brucet wrote:

ashleymorrison wrote:

brucet wrote:

We signed a contract with a clause that I had inserted and they agreed to. "No editing whatsoever without my written consent".

Did they present you with 'the contract' or did you present them with 'the contract'?

And did you both actually sign it after you inserted the clause?

They presented me with the contract. I asked for the 'editing' condition to be inserted. They sent back an amended contract. We both signed it. The image included some cardboard boxes with a certain company logo on them from the 1920's. That company still exists.

My guess is that their lawyers got involved and insisted on the editing. They basically said to me that legal action would cost way more than I could ever hope to recover. They are right. So I went no further.

I'm assuming that 'one' lawyer was spooked by the logos. They then went with his/her opinion.

I'm just putting it down to a multinational using bullying tactics. Live and learn.

So if they had told to you that they needed to remove the logos, what would you have said?

And was the company who's logo that was on the cardboard boxes from the 1920's, paying you or did you have some sort of contract with them?

I sure would love to see a copy of 'the contract' that you both signed - because it sounds like they just sent you a Purchase Order, which you didn't actually need to sign and return, but would possibly need to reference on your Invoice and on the Licence to use document.

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