D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850 still on sale from Nikon

mais51 wrote:

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Robert Cohen wrote:

>> there wasn't a great deal to be grained from a mid product life upgrade bar video performance which isn't a big market for their DSLRs anyway. <<

This becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Assuming, for argument's sake, that there is a market for better video than the Nikon DSLRs produce, the D850 could be upgraded by adding video technology from the Z line, as they did when upgrading the D750 to the D780. Then the D880 (assuming that's what they would call it) would be more attractive for video shooters.

This wouldn't make much difference to me, I'm a stills shooter. But right now Nikon is discouraging sales to people who might also be interested in video.

I believe Nikon learned a valuable lesson on the release of the D780. Nikon put a lot of upgraded technology and money into the D780 over D750 but didn't get much credit from it from the critics nor did they get much appreciation from the still shooter community (ie those D750 and D850 owners). As such, Nikon is probably assuming that an updated D850 (aka D880) will receive a similar reception to that of the D780. So, from Nikon's view, why bother right now?

What ever they've done the D780 is still a second tier camera playing catch up to the D850 and deserves the appropriate comment associated with that level

This is exactly what I don't understand about the critics.  The D780 was NEVER meant to compete with the D850.  Heck, why would Nikon even put out a camera that competes with one of their existing sellers?  That would just be stupid to do.  Why is it that so many D850 owners feel threatened by the D780?

The closest the D780 was meant to do was to complement the D850 for those who have a need for video and stills on an F-mount platform.  No one from Nikon (or at least I hope not) would be introducing a lower resolution cheaper camera to replace a higher resolution more expensive camera that they are currently still making and selling well.

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