Full Frame vs Micro 4:3

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Re: Don't die wondering

Dr_Love wrote:

trungtran wrote:

Michael Piziak wrote:

I have neither, as I've only owned APS-C DSLR's.

Try it out at least once in your lifetime.

There are somethings a YouTube video or comments in a forum can't tell you.

It will just eat you up not truly knowing.

I have heard that argument before except in a very different context. I won't elaborate as I don't wish to offend anyone accidentally. You can figure it out.

Going by your username, everyone has a story about the one that got away.

Difference is those things are about timing and circumstance, a lot of the time it is out of ones control.

Camera gear on the other hand is within everyone's grasp. When I first started in photography it was a struggle to afford a digital camera, prices came down and continue to come down.

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