Does the "f/22"/diffraction concern still valid for lenses that only go to f/16

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Re: Does the "f/22"/diffraction concern still valid for lenses that only go to f/16

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

Unless I’m after a sunstar, I tend to avoid going beyond f/10 or so with APS-C. Diffraction induced softness tends to respond well to sharpening, but besides the aforementioned sunstars, there really isn’t much to be gained by such small apertures.

That isn't my experience. It depends on the context. Sometimes the roughly doubling of depth of field for each two stops reduction in aperture can outweigh the concomitant loss of detail from diffraction softening. For example, I routinely use f/45 (on full frame) for macros (with the effective f-number in the range of around f/56 to f/135 for the magnifications of around 1:1 to 8:1 that I typically use).

That may very well be the case at macro distances (not my forte), but it isn’t for your typical landscape situation. Except in rare cases, I haven’t found there’s much to be gained beyond f/11 or so (APS-C, 24-26MP). Of course with a wide-ish lens on APS-C, it’s rare that I need much more DOF than I get at f/10 anyway.

Quite so. Horses for courses. For macro there really is a great deal to be gained from small apertures.

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