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John K wrote:

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

I like them all and viewed them at full size

My set champ is # 1 by 2 bee lengths.

For me the warmer colors are more inviting, the subject's dominant eye is framed in a more simple manner and the over all scene is less busy allowing more of a fixed stare effect, plus for me, his Dutch angle seems to trump the vertical.

It also lacks any strong FG distractors that you identified.

For these reasons I give bee 1 the set medal. Thumbs up.


I think I'll edit and post a "learn from my fail" shot from that outing. It's a really painful image cause it could have been the best out of over 200 frames...

I know the feeling, fell in love with a crab spider yesterday. Reeled off a few hundy  but 98 % were no pop, OOF not filled the frame enough etc

IMHO a huge part of it is the right color bug on the right color  & pattern background.

Seen a few ladies back up a bit and capture the bee in flight coming through a canyon of flowers with a very low F stop  - had a wicked dreamland effect.

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