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Re: Yippie! Breakfast is ready, and the cook is fit to be tied, . . .

Birddogman wrote:

Around here, we'd call that Mexican food. I mostly like it. Am a big fan of spicy food, but not the red hot kind.

In a way, that is correct, however, only insofar as there was a civilization in that area that preceded the encroachment of Europe. "New Spain"/Nueva España became Mexico. The US invaded and they amalgamated the then frontier into its present configuration.

The area occupied by the arrival of Europe, vis a vis, the gold rush, remained intact as a culture; i.e., architecture, language, social mores, diet, and costuming. Today, language has changed such that my folks no longer speak any of the indigenous languages, such as Tewa, much less, Hopi, with whom we are related.

Our social mores were definitely impacted by the placement of churches in our midst. I am an educational product of the Dominican Sisters, and, a parochial system, as you've noticed in Pennsylvania, Canada, Santa Fe.

Still, the diet remains the same, because it's at the "grassroots level." When I dine at the various pueblos, it's like I'm at home no difference. The differences are however very deep. The "recognized" pueblos are holy.

Abiquiu is trying to reconnect, and as my posts have shown, we have relatives in the other "Nations" who do not mind sharing.

On my desk, is a copy of the San Juan Pueblo TEWA DICTIONARY. When the book was published, Oke Ouingue had not officially changed its name. The language is sacred to pueblos. My Tewa colleagues gave me two of them; go teach, teach.

The "sopapilla" photo that I just today posted, Tewa hands. In other posts, Oke kids came to dance, and we've been dancing for centuries. They recognize our "national" dance, the "Na a ni yeh." My mom told me that her mom told her that everyone in, what I call the Nation of the Pueblo of Abiquiu, danced.

They even danced during the year of the 100 year rains.

I am an eclectic person. Sausages stick to me. Paella is smooth. I mean; if you tell me that your German grandmother cooked it, I want it, and I don't even know what it is. I would love every food stuff from China's immense numbers of ethnically different peoples.

In here, in dPR, I see people like I've never seen them before. I see kids, limp in running waters and it hurts my heart, like my heart hurts at the thought that you've lost loved ones, and that you've cared for them until they just had to leave.

People are leaving their places of birth in inordinate numbers. When governments make that difficult, they make shredded cultures inevitable. But, they coalesce and they build enclaves and they dance, they build abodes, they dress up, they eat, they cry, they . . .

"I AM JOAQUIN." Corky Gonzales, Estes Park, Colorado.

I see your altruism, folks. "Love the one you're with." Not my quote.

And, not that it matters anymore, I'd probably forgive that orange-tinged wonder, if he would show some reticence. Poor guy, he is so going to die alone. All the tears of stone hearted people will have gone to waste and become the salt of the earth.

That's a movie, BTW .

Justice is not just ice. "It will protect you with the truth."


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