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Re: Yippie! Breakfast is ready, and the cook is fit to be tied, . . .

Pi lover wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

I claim royalties on jokes. Now, go have some fun. I saw you smiling.

Seriously, purslane is loaded with Omega3, but the doc won't dismiss me from aspirin, prasugrel, a beta blocker, atoravastatin, two needle injected insulins, one pill makes me taller, one pill makes me small, but the ones the doctor gives me, do not contraindicate . . . the "just in case" pill.


That shaggy dog story was so shaggy they made a rug out of it !!!

Would you please rephrase this, Grant.  I think that it's a very subtle agreement with my innuendo, yet, I want to be sure.  If I end up getting hurt, at least I know that I'm alive.

Thinking of you, and Member Alwyn, (guy with the eagles) I am so sorry about the change in climate which Western Canada has experienced.

Today I cruised through my "creative" four hours in dPR, and must now exercise, another four hours, by the time I include my photography with it.

So, if I may,


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