D3 in 2021?

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Re: D3 in 2021?

ly2photos wrote:

Hi everyone!

I am currently a Fuji shooter, but I found myself enjoying wildlife photography more and more. I am wondering how the D3 and AF-S 300 f/4 non-PF stacks up nowadays! Are the files malleable? For mirrorless shooters, do you miss the EVF? How's the ISO performance compared to current cameras? How's the autofocus?

And if anyone owns or owned a D3 before, I would love to see your shots!

Sorry if this has been asked many times before, I am pretty new to this.

I think 300 mm is too short for wildlife, particularly with a D3 where you don't have much latitude to crop. Generally, if going that far back, I would go for the D3S which has significantly better high ISO. AF performance shouldn't be an issue though with either D3 or D3S.

Of course, it all depends on the kind of wildlife you plan to shoot and under what conditions. If the amount of light is reasonable, I would favor a camera with an APS-C sensor and a lens with a zoom. A lot more flexibility, and there are zooms out there which are plenty good enough.

As far as viewfinder, personally I strongly favor OVF for wildlife.

Here is D3S for you, I don't have a D3.

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