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Chili con weenies.

Before it hits the menu.

Chile verde;

Chile rescoldado/roasted.

Chili con weenies.

Diced "chili girl."

Diced "chili boy."

Chili is edible two days after it has budded on the plant.  However, you want to wait.

Once you've roasted it, it becomes "caribe/Carribean."  I love it with eggs/huevos, (no, not "xjuayvoes") in the morning.  It can go straight to the freezer before chopping it.  Some folks skip the peeling stage, then freeze it, does help peeling it after freezing.

After roasting, boil it, and add other food stuffs with it, or, set on table, as is.

Separate seeds, if you wish.  The seeds and "veins", visible prominently when opened, contain "capsaicin."  Capsaicin is what makes the pod "hot/spicy."  Lemon juice neutralizes the capsaicin, noticeably.  Jalapeños are pods, but, not chilis.  You should consider removing the vein, in jalapeños, or chilis, but, do not touch sensitive body parts with those fingers.  They are to body parts, what onions are to your eyes.

An Albuquerque meatpacker distributed "Coronado Weiners."  Known as "red weiners," they are delicious unburnt, or roasted, fork-style over the stove burners, just don't use your favorite silverware for that.  Wrapped in a flour tortilia, with caribe, the combo has been my solace in the wilderness.

Oh!  Do not eat chili, and chase it with sody pop.  No, sir.  Hiccups, at least, with me.

A bushel currently runs fifty bucks, and climbing.  Start ordering seed for the rest of Covid.

Chili is harvested by hand.  It is backbreaking work, for the farmer, and even worse for the farm workers.  Please patronize union shops.  That practice will honor Cesar Chavez.

I try to buy mine from Chimayo, but, they have a cult following, and prices fluctuate among families, but they are expensive.  Therefore, I buy them in burlap from wallMare, usually Hatch, NM chili, or Las Cruces, NM.  And, the stores have burning tumblers that quickly roast them.  Occasionally, I buy them, pack up the barbecue spit, and head for the mountains, to enjoy an evening of romance.

I call her "Hot Lips."

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