16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Raist3d wrote:

What I recall from the mirrorless comparisons article is that Fuji AF was clearly better than even the Em1X for BIF.

Clearly better?


Yes, clearly better.

How so? The results do not bear this out.

I linked the rankings of cameras according to their testing.

They made an article ranking all of them.

This one?


The two Olympus cameras at the very top. Fuji is #3 after the Sony's.

One thing with Fuji you have to realize- fuji keeps updating their firmware and improving. You also have to make sure you have set them to "boost" mode.

Everyone have firmware update, not exclusive to Fuji. From that website the author continually update numbers and recommendations as new firmware is released.

Nobody is updating their cameras in a significant way as much as Fuji does.


X-T4 + 100-400mm was 67% (perfect focus only) / 90% (slightly soft)

X-T4 + 200mm + 1.4TC was 79% (perfect focus only) / 94% (slightly soft)

EM1X + 300mm was 74% (perfect focus only) / 91% (slightly soft)

EM1.3 + 300mm was 72% (perfect focus only) / 94% (slightly soft)

EM5.3 + 300mm was 72% (perfect focus only) / 93% (slightly soft)

These all look very similar. Except that the EM5.3 combo costs $2.000 USD less than XT4 with prime.

The EM5.3 doesn't do as well as Fuji.

72% vs 79% for perfect focus. When slightly soft results are counted the difference is 93% vs 94%. But the EM5.3 is 60% of the cost of the Fuji. Does not bode well for Fuji.

I am looking at the ranking article where the OLympuses did not perform as well as the Fujis.

And again, that' snot even counting the usability and workflow of seeing dynamic focus points no the object your re following by grid and other options that Olympus doesn't have.

Did that affect the authors results? Does not appear so.

They are not talking about that so we don't know specifically on that end. I however, I can tell you that this makes for a big difference in usability. Otherwise when Olympus just added the ability to follow with squares whole region, people were lauding it (along with one or two Olympus visionaries). A feature that Fuji and Sony had for years, and there's still as I say a lack of UI feedback options in Olympus so it's not quite there yet.

Two more things to consider: Fuji will AF into the dark a bit better than the Olympus. Ditto for higher iso image quality and detail.

Not the XT4. Have you used?

I have use the X-E3, I have used the EM1X. The XT4 does better than the XE3 and using the XE3 as baseline, I get an idea, plus see below.

The EM1X able to focus and track in lower light. But that may be due to f/1.2 prime on Olympus vs f/1.4 prime on Fuji.

I didn't say the EM1X can't track in lower light but that Fuji can track in lower light than the Olympus. It's also in their manufacturer specification's claims for both manufacturers.

A side note - Also if you need an F1.2 prime on the Olympus to match, think about what that means about lens size and price, and the fact you also have F1.2's on the Fuji.

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