Never been satisfied with my Sony RX100 M4. Ready for upgrade, but don't want to bother with lenses

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Re: Never been satisfied with my Sony RX100 M4.

Shootoo wrote:

I have had my RX100 M4 for about 5 years, and honestly, I don't think I was ever that happy with it.

Sure, it is pocketable. But I have used it mainly to take photos of my newborns and toddler childrens, and I think I have always been disappointed in its autofocus and low-light performance. The video stabilization shooting 4K has also been garbage in my opinion.

So I'm ready to upgrade, but I wonder, is the RX100 M4 about as good as it gets for something that is pocketable for my purposes? I know the RX100 M7 has best in class autofocus, but its widest aperture is f2.8, which on balance won't be an improvement on the M4, which has f1.8 (for my purposes).

So is there anything out there that might be an upgrade for me? I don't care if it is bigger than the RX100, or that it might not have the same zoom. I just don't want to bother with interchangeable lenses, and want something that will decently captures photos of my kids indoors or on vacation better than a cell phone without it being blurry 50% of the time.

Although I have the desire, I honestly have very little time to learn more photography skills at this stage in my life (60-80 hour work weeks). I once bought Sony Mirrorless with 3 lenses, and sold after 3 months once I accepted fact that I simply do not have any hours in the day to learn how to properly use them.

I don't claim to be any kind of an expert but do know that the RX100V and VA improved quite a bit over the IV when it comes to autofocus accuracy and speed.

Naturally, the V is also much better in low light than the RX100VII.

The only other reasonably priced option might be a camera like the Fuji X100F or X100V. Those are beautiful cameras with excellent image quality but I think they're only average when it comes to autofocus speed and the single focal length prime lens wouldn't be right for everyone.

Then there are also cameras like the Sony RX10 series or a couple of the Panasonic bridge cameras that might work.
I hope someone with more knowledge about these type cameras responds and gives you more help.  Good luck.

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