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Re: Handheld Macro for XT-2

erikjanneman wrote:

Thanks, that will definitly not be for me ;). Looking for a small flash unit. Watching some videos on YT from Micael Widell and he recommends the Meike MK-320. Which seems not a bad pick for me as it is not so expensive. And as a beginner that should be enough for me.

I hesitated to recommend you that one because I don't remember if it is only "manual" flash, or if it works with Fuji TTL flash features.

If it is only "manual" then it will trigger with the shutter-button, but you will have to manually adjust the strength of the flash.

With a TTL flash, the camera will tell the flash unit how strong to flash based on available light, exposure parameters, and other settings like flash-compensation etc.

I know that Micael Widell always shoots with manual flash mode but I find it convenient to not have to think about flash strength very much.

The flash light that I meant is not Nisi but Nissin:


I think that this cheaper brother also supports TTL flash:


Of course the Meike is still cheaper and I read that it also have TTL functionality:


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