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Bill Borne, and . . .

. . . trustee guide, escalated an "arroyo", aka, Bill, "dry wash."  Once Bill lost his fear of my camera, I tried monochrome for the "miner" effect.

Sorry, Bill.  It completely escaped me to take you up there, just three hundred feet higher, in the same distance.  You'd have been privy to your very first, ancient (ca. 1492) Indian pueblo, now under USFS custody.  In my defense, we would have been beyond "fashionably late" to Isabel's supper, at four.  I was however very interested in your "finds."  And, even more curious about how you'd handle, red chili.  We sometimes harvest New York temperatures.


You left, and then the rains started, couple days went by, and I tried to not only duplicate your fine photo, which is my model, and then, best it; if that's possible.  Well, how about a rainbow?


Huh?  I've been trying to shy away from senior moments, but, I've denigrated to senior seconds.

Well, I've a habit of, what's it called when you click, then immediately view the screen? So, I found the problem.

After tinkering here and there; I surrender this.

TBS; more problems.

One; C-Mos sensors, coupled with ultra, wide angle lenses, reduces the wide field of view.  One must use a "fish-eye" to encompass the entirety of a double rainbow.

Two; Full frame Canons work well with ultra, wide angle lenses, but, they can't use lenses made for C-Mos sensors.

Three; your panorama function can have included the entirety of the illusion, yet, I forgot the iPhone in my pocket.

Four; senior second per second, and, and, you are older than I, me, . . . whatever.

I'm gonna crank out my Canon; oh wait, Camera A, has moth dust on the sensor.  Camera B, does not have a focusing screen, but, a spotless sensor.

I figure that if I keep Camera B, at infinity, I won't need to focus.  Some of my best astrophotography has been done that way.

Chili, anyone?

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