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Birddogman wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

We've seen embarrassingly little of it. the bass speaker is

Whew! I'm very glad to hear that. I know the news always makes things look worse then they really are, but you had me worried.

The scary things to me about your floods is that (unlike here, where the endless new development is often encroaching on natural places and people like to build houses right by creeks, etc) most those towns and structures have been in place for centuries and are only now getting destroyed by flood waters. That can only mean that the climate really has changed for the far worse in recent times.

4Ohms rather than the 8Ohms the crossover I used had been designed for. Dug out some bipolar capacitors I had from previous experiments, entered simulations into Spice, unwound some inductance until it fit,

Huh?? Lost me there, buddy....


Translation; Dak wet his pinkie, stuck it in the air and said "It's seven o'clock in Germany, and I'm going to crush my ear against a pillow."

In all seriousness, we had a "100 year flood" at Abiquiu in 1895, July to August.  In swimming across a ten foot high stream, one must adjust windage and elevation.

A USA Federal Extension Agent, Phillip Harroun, recorded it.  Here, I'll get you started .

I'll do the math (not my training.) 2021-1895.  Jeee, I hope tonight is not the night.

Ha, missed me.

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