a 2021 D700 that you don't need, but will enjoy a lot, I'm sure :)

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Re: a 2021 D700 that you don't need, but will enjoy a lot, I'm sure :)

photoholiko wrote:

After looking for a home for my older Nikkor lenses that can AF, I gave up adapting with mirrorless and bought a D700. I'm very satisfied and don't find the need to upgrade for higher MP.

Here are a few of my samples.

Iain and Photoholiko,

Thank you so much for your thoughts and lovely images.

I'm with you guys, this older stuff is downright awesome! Thanks for the lovely images, feel free to post many more

Just the obligatory nerdy, gear comment

One of the reasons I praise so much the D700 is that, contrary to popular belief, it's really no slouch in the spec department.

There's a certain thought it has aged regarding DR because it's not a 2020 body.

I did tests in the past and ISO 100 D700 (Lo1) beats my Mamiya digital back at ISO 25 in DR.

Any DR that's bigger than a digital back's DR can't be called small at all.

If anyone is interested, if anything just out of curiosity, I can post that test.

The D700 is that camera that will never get old, because it was essentialy perfect to begin with.

Please post more of your shots and thoughts

Best regards,

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