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Re: Yippie! Breakfast is ready, and the cook is fit to be tied, . . .

Pi lover wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

. . . if I don't get up and go scarf it.

What's that green stuff sneaking its way out?

¡ Verdolagas ! Purslane ! Ok, ok, "pig's weed." MMMMMMMM

Repeat; mmmmmmmm.

I had to ensure daylight on my photo, so I took breakfast outside and put it on a rock. Don't worry, Greg, I kept my eye on Baloo. Slobbered breakfast or not, it's delicious.


It sounds like you're spoilt (me too when I'm lucky).


Oh, really?

Luck has nothing to do with it, but, I do count myself in the crowd.

So too did the Professor, when she polled her class. You know the class, Grant. Huge speech hall at UNM.

"How many of you are lucky once per day;" half the class stands up. So, she divides the floor. (You've heard this one, haven't you?). Impressed, she presses forward; "how many of you get it, once per week?" Half of the half moves across the floor. Yep, Grant; "how many of you feel lucky, once per month." Everybody left rises, and that leaves Maclovio/Maclovius, up in God's country, on the right.

"Ok, Mac," says Prof (I'm sure you've heard this 3.14....), "how many of you, have sex, once per year.

Mac jumps up grinning and spitting tobacco juice, saying "I do. I do." Dumfounded, the professor and the class are besides themselves (I always wanted to know how to do that, maybe it's metaphysics, anyway).

"Why are you so happy, Maclovious?" "Seems to me it ought to be the reverse."

Mac says, jumping up and down; "Tonight's the night!"

I claim royalties on jokes. Now, go have some fun. I saw you smiling.

So, in the time that I left the classroom someone has invented the pacemaker/defribrilator and Sildenefil, and I just whizzed by the starting point of my seventh decade.

Seriously, purslane is loaded with Omega3, but the doc won't dismiss me from aspirin, prasugrel, a beta blocker, atoravastatin, two needle injected insulins, one pill makes me taller, one pill makes me small, but the ones the doctor gives me, do not contraindicate . . . the "just in case" pill.


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