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Re: FYI; folks. HDR inclined, artistically-minded Sony A7MkIII in vicinity.

Birddogman wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Birddogman wrote:

Looks surreal, David. What are the white spots?


Very top of the morning to you, Greg.

I don't know what those spots are, but, they are the same soil that is red. This whole area was under a huge sea, with this location being closest to the Jurassic period. One hundred feet up, to another hundred feet down, is the range of the famous Coelophysis of Ghost Ranch. The panorama that Bill Borne made is part of this strata. This slope can be seen at the bottom of the cliffs that Bill captured. A bunch of movies have been made in this area.

The spots are probably matter, from different vegetation that disintegrated within other matter. It's all very clayish and difficult to walk in when wet.

Ansel Adams took a black and white photo of this, what I call "The Red Slope." There is a government book titled "The Red Beds of New Mexico," where this whole region is discussed in quite some detail. I believe it's also part of the structure that goes all the way to Moab, Utah.

I stayed up late to work on some challenges and just got deeper and deeper.



Thanks for the info, David. I hope to see this in person.

You will be amazed as Harvey and Bill were.  It gives meaning to the quandary that photographers face when they've run out of film in a thirty-six frame roll, and there is still soooo much more to photograph.  Utah, yippie, eat your heart out.

Speaking of rolls, as in, things fall off of vehicles, and they roll, like the cool flashlight that I found, just about where Bill photographed the cliffs.  You know, that flashlight that you represented?

Mine has run out of battery; lucky skunks, can't save them from Baloo anymore.

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