Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

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Re: Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

David Hull wrote:

I installed their 14 day trial into LR Classic CC (OS: Windows 10). At first I was pretty impressed with the noise reduction until I looked closely at the generated photos. In every output mode i am seeing that it leaves a stripe of uncorrected noise down the right hand side to some extent around all of the edges. Here is a JPEG sample.

JPEG output from an ISO=6400 image cleaned with ON1 NoNoise.

Overall the program does a nice job of killing the noise but it seems to fail on the edges for some reason. It is particularly evident in the lower right edge. I could always crop this out but I shouldn't have to do that, IMO.

I no longer use Light Room, but rather use NoNoise and ON1 Photo RAW and I'm liking NoNoise.  Until On1 gets back to you on your ticket, perhaps using NoNoise as a stand alone would get you results without the artifacts around the edges.  Simply load the RAW file from the camera into NoNoise, process it there, then export as DNG or PSD, then load that resulting file into Light Room for further processing.

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