the early versions of micro m43 ......... not that great ?

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My experience

In 2010 I purchased an Olympus EP1 to use alongside my Olympus E30. This was my first (of many) M4/3 cameras.

Here is what I discovered:

  • The image quality was virtually the same, which makes sense since both cameras had the same 12MP Four Thirds sensors and the same processing engine.
  • The body and new lenses were much smaller and lighter than their Four Thirds counterparts. Just comparing the bodies alone the EP1 was about half the size and weight.
  • The E-P1 lacked some features, but this was to be expected when you compare a first effort MILC camera with a highly refined DSLR.

Over time, the image quality coming from later M4/3 iterations was much better. But that was because they had newer sensors and processing engines. If someone built a Four Thirds DSLR today with a newer 16MP or 20MP sensor I have no doubt the IQ would be the same as a MILC version. Removing the mirror has absolutely no affect on image quality.

The new M4/3 lenses were generally smaller and lighter, but not as well made unless you bought PRO lenses. Often they had fewer elements. But they worked well enough, even if they used more software correction than Four Thirds versions. And sometimes the new version cost a little more, other times it could cost substantially less.

When the dust settled, it seemed that Panasonic and Olympus had made a vast improvement over Four Thirds, while using the same sized sensor. We ended up with a much better system that featured more body and lens options, and generally smaller and lighter cameras and lenses. And even the cost was reduced if you account for inflation. (Unless you are looking at the unique exception of the EM1X). And even the PRO lenses were considerably cheaper and smaller than similar quality Four Thirds SHG lenses.

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