Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

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Re: Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

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Exposure, my camera is set to ISO 100 then I overexpose about 1/2 stop.The camera is also set to tungsten as my light source is 3200K. I use RAW as the file type.

Taking a white balance of the orange mask helps. I use Photoshop ACR to do the white balance and inversion. Then fine tune in PS. Works reasonably well. I have also found less fiddling the better.

Thank you.

My exposure is: F11 / 1/15s (A mode, auto shutter speed) / ISO 100 / RAW file.

My light is: LED flat light / 15W / 1080lm / white 5700K / CRI 80.

I do too, checking the white balance with ACR's white balance tool.

I adjust the colours both in ACR & PS. Yes, the colour balance is easier to work with if adjusting the Hue of the image. But I still can't get it done right.

So this is what I get, WB and reversal is a saved file for each negative film I use, so I apply those, then generally go to PS and use auto color, and auto tone. I then come close, if I am lucky. But luck has some factor here. I have stopped doing color, as I think digital is better, but I still do B&W negatives.

Canon F1 100 f4 Macro Canon

Thank you.

I do not have serious problems with closeup shot.

"WB and reversal" you said.  Do you do the white balance before reversing?

Here is one of my closeup shots.

Shot in May 2000, Canon A1, Canon 200mm f4,  at f4, 1.8meters, 1/60s, Kodak 100, overcast & under trees in a forest.

Digitized by Sony a7ii, Tamron 90mm macro 1:1, f11  1/4s  ISO 100 & inverted and adjusted in ACR & PS.

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