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Re: QI vs. IQ

Henry Richardson wrote:

Radical Transformation: Magnum Photos into the Digital Age

I wrote about it at the time (note the part I made bold below):

The photos were excellent and the presentation was good too. The prints were of various sizes by many Magnum photographers. I am sure lots of the people on the internet would have hated almost every single photo though because even many of the smaller prints (5x7, 6x9) were not eye cutting sharp when viewed at 3 centimeters. There would have been screaming and derision by the dogmatic extremists with their 10x loupes. Not sure about CA, distortion, and all the other things that so many people are obsessed with since I didn't even bother checking. They were wonderful viewed from a normal viewing distance. Very nice exhibition.

Probably about 90% of the photos in the exhibition were B&W. Some of the photos are famous iconic photos from Capa, Cartier-Bresson, et al that you have seen before.

Later I was walking around with my camera and I sort of wondered if all the photos in the exhibition had been taken with digital cameras if some of them, maybe a bunch of them, would have been deleted in the camera? I imagine these photographers are smart enough to not be over concerned (concerned, of course, but not over concerned) with all the technical details and let those things override what the image looks like and whether it is interesting. Fortunately, the photos had not been deleted.

Most of the photos in the exhibition could have easily been taken with my Canon G15 and the technical quality in many cases would have been even better. Just being able to quickly change ISO or use Auto ISO is a huge advantage. Good ISO from 80 on up to, oh I don't know, 3200. Even 12,800 is usable and quite good compared to just slightly fast film from a long time ago. Especially if shooting in raw. A long time ago ISO/ASA 400 B&W film was fast. [And ISO/ASA 32 color slide film was high speed.]

Here is the exhibition info:

I should also mention that the Canon G15 has IS which is also a great boon!  And the 28-140mm-efl f1.8-2.8 lens too.  Just imagine how much many of the old greats would have loved this camera if they had it 60-80 years ago!  I replaced the G15 with the even better Canon G16 in 2014.  I still take it out for a spin from time to time because it is such a nice camera.  Just a 1/1.7" 12mp sensor, but still I enjoy using the camera.

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