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Roland Karlsson wrote:

PentUp wrote:

When you start off a mile behind someone and then catch up to within 5 to 10 paces behind them, yes, you are still behind. But you are in a much better position than when you started.

Yes, and that is the situation now, it seems. And that is the situation most hoped for. And my interpretation is that most are very happy for this, and so am I.

Our discussion now started when Valeriu found one thing that the AF could not do, and that, at least anecdotal, other AF systems can do. I write anecdotal because I am not 100% that it is true for (any/most?) SLR cameras. It is true for MILC though.

And the thing the AF could not do was finding the bird. The AF just optimized sharpness. So, if the background behind the bird was high contrast, then the AF focussed on the background. Valeriu wanted it to focus on the bird.

There are several ways to make it automatically focus on the bird. One is that it has a bird detector, like a face or eye detector. This is mainly MILC stuff, but some SLR can do it with help of the exposure sensor. Another way of doing it is that the AF can find objects in 3D, seeing depth in the image. Then it can see that there is a small object closer than the background, that might be the subject. This is definitely MILC stuff. Needs lots of detectors.

Now, Pentax AF do not have this advanced features. It has some 2D object recognition, but that one only works in AF-S, and Valeriu used AF-C.

I don't think that is true. I think that all phase contrast detection AF know all the time where things are in 3D. Nikon does that.

I think that the auto AF point selection mode does pick the closest object within the AF area. But the AF area is relatively small .. so you may loose the object and then the AF jumps to the background.

Mirrorless is better as it has phase and high resolution image from the same plane as the sensor that takes the final image .. and .. it updated very often with NO blackouts! When mirror is flipping out there is no AF.

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