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brucet wrote:

We signed a contract with a clause that I had inserted and they agreed to. "No editing whatsoever without my written consent".

Did they present you with 'the contract' or did you present them with 'the contract'?

And did you both actually sign it after you inserted the clause?


Normally if someone asked me for a price, I would send them a Quote first - which would simply be for a licence to use my images.

So neither of us would actually need to sign anything beforehand - however they would obviously need to sign a cheque afterwards, should they want to use my images for what had been agreed to.

Sometimes they would send me what they would call a 'Commissioning Form' and they would ask me to sign that and return it - but I never do - because that is just a 'Purchase Order' or the Advertiser's reference, as far as I'm concerned, which I obviously don’t need to sign or return to them - because like I said before, I would just be asking them to pay me for a licence to use my images.

So I'm wondering what is it you asked them to sign or what it was that they asked you to sign here... and also why it was needed in this case!!

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