M4/3 for birding

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I use two different systems for birding with similar results. I have a Canon R6 with a Sigma 150-600 f6.3 and a Panasonic G9 with the PL 100-400. I get similar exults from both systems in good light. In poor light the Canon has the advantage but the stabilization in the M43 setup is so good that I can use very low shutter speeds. The Canon focuses better for most birds in flight. The most recent update to the G9 firmware makes the AF very competitive with the R6. It will track hummingbirds which the Canon really has issues with. Both AF systems work very well. I never thought I would say that about a Panasonic DFD system but there it is. The newer sensor in the Canon with larger pixels is better at high ISO. But with modern noise reduction software the difference can be minimized. I crop all of my images to 4x3 because I think it works better for social media and I prefer it personally. Once that is done I cannot tell which processed image was shot with what system without looking at the info data. I am older and my right shoulder is chronically sore. If I use the Canon multiple days in a row it gets really painful. I only shoot handheld. So I use the Canon occasionally because this is my hobby and I enjoy using different equipment. But most of the time I use the G9 with the 100-400. It feels like a feather compared to the Canon with the Sigma. Ounce for ounce and dollar for dollar it is an amazing package that can get stellar results. I have not used a recent Olympus system but I imagine they are as well. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with.

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