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tkbslc wrote:

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MAC wrote:

isn’t my RP focus good enough? How much better is the R5 focus? $3000 better?

For me it is. For it's stickyness with subject tracking, and it's speed. I love it. No problems anymore with fast moving kids.

Man, the Rp has better servo AF than any crop DSLR I ever owned (never had FF DSLR). I have no problem taking pictures of my kids playing with face tracking and even at fast apertures. Not really sure what else you could need.

I had the R before, so I know what I was missing.

I get needing it for high end sports and birds, but I don't get the kid logic.

Running and biking kids can be as challenging as sports for an RF system. It's not only about absolute speed, another important factor is how close that speed is happening to your camera.

They aren't that hard to photograph, IMO.

It's not hard, I just need a camera with speedy AF.  But if you don't and the RP works for you, don't spill your money!

Now burst rate on the other hand.....

I only use bursts for fast trains sometimes, not for kids.

I'm aware not everyone needs that kind of AF. And it's certainly not needed in all cases.

The RP is three times as expensive as a used 6D. A 6D is good enough in lots of cases too. I have some lenses for it. Build in GPS. If it only would only have just a little bit faster burst rate it would be great for shooting trains from a tripod.

For me Eye/Face AF is a must have. 6D is probably enough camera for me otherwise, but I face tracking just makes for so many more keepers with portraits and candids.

I know, but if you're doing landscapes/cityscapes and posed portraits only, the 6D works. Great battery life. Build in GPS. And it's only 400 euro.

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