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Re: Telecentric .... or not.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Well, all I can say is that the 4/3rd lenses really had less optical software corrections and what nots than m43rds lenses, in general.

You clearly never used the 4/3 11-22mm lens.

They always used software corrections and the 11-22mm needed buckets of that.

Hmm strange I thought that was a well regarded lens all I can say is I have several 4/3 lenses and they didn’t need distortion correction like many m43 lenses

Yes, the 11-22mm is a nice lens but certainly does barrel shaped things to wide angle shots. The lens+camera specs did not quite correct it 100% in the camera jpegs but some post process fiddling tidied it up nicely. If nothing straight was near the edges then all was good.

The 11-22mm was the must used lens when I holidayed in Vietnam years back with the E-300, moving on to Thailand I found that more of a 14-45mm lens place.

I don’t think 4:3 lenses and m43 lenses were held to the same stndard giveen

the optical performance and corrections on the m43 side of things

I think some overkill was used in the 4/3 lens designs, the better lenses that is. When they got to M4/3 they realised that the overkill was not really needed so they slacked off and relied on canned corrections more. Software corrections are way cheaper and easier to implement than corrections in any lens design.

Software corrections are cheaper for sure, but they have their own image quality price.  Stretching the image, taking out purple fringing- all has a price in the image quality in a way 4/3rd lenses were simply better.

Granted, the 4/3rd lenses were Bigger and I think it was a mistake to pursue the super bright F2.0's zooms- as good as they are optically. The best example I can think of what I have that shows the cost of software corrections is the Lumix 4/3rds F1.4 vs Lumix m43rds F1.4- the former is without a question the better lens optically and end result.

Software corrections have a price. You can't recover what you lost at the moment of the sensor sampling of the image of the lens. For many and many images this won't matter. For other things, there's just this loss of image quality in a way... those who never saw the better, would not miss it.

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