D700 in 2021, not the usual review

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D700 in 2021, not the usual review


You don't need a D700 review in 2021, even if that camera brings up 1 new thread per month (and it deserves it).

I'm posting my video here for a bit of fun, not for the review / opinion factor.

If you love the D700, you already know why in 2021.

2021 D700 "review":


People suggested in the past I showed more of the area the shoot is taking place.

I loved the idea, because I too would think the same if I was watching a shoot taking place in Los Angeles, Portugal, Iceland, etc.

With that in mind, I digged this old shoot, it is where I lived 10 years ago, a place where I feel a foreigner myself now.

It's not entirely effective because the BTS footage was never captured with that in mind, but I did the best I could with the footage to bring out the "turism" vibe.

This is South Brazil.

I'm 100% sure most of you have no idea how people and places here look beyond the stereotypical Rio de Janeiro propaganda.

So you can see a bit of our identity you barely know of.

The gorgeous women is not a coincidence, BTW.

This is where our top models come from, South Brazil is legendary on that regard, if you didn't know, now you do

Foreign travellers, I strongly suggest you chose Santa Catarina instead of Rio if visiting Brazil, you'll have a billion times safer and more enjoyable experience.

As for the obligatory camera talk:

To me the D700 is the best camera ever.

Not the best IQ (even though it's no slouch), but the best camera.

The confidence it brought me back in the day in the field, IMO, is still unmatched.

It just feels like "let's do this".

I commented the other day on the thread that reviewing gear can be therapeutic, this is why.

Remembering those days was pure nostalgia.

The D700 was fine then, it's fine now, it will be fine in 2040.

I'd use it today zero problem, it's just too much of a legend.

Best regards,

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