How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

Flowchart wrote:

Bottom line, shoot peoples passions.

That was a point that stuck out for me. Over time for me with photo clubs and stuff and the people you get to know over the years. People by in large stick to what they are passionate or interested in. Photo events or club events might have something on but it is not gonna interest everyone and not everyone bothers to turn up. I also think now with social media and less people getting into clubs etc. Some have departed from the camera scene but who may still have their camera on specific outings they get into. Some may have departed and went their own kinda ways.

Some people might think cars are boring, sport photography is boring. Some might think street photography is irrelevant because they cannot stomach it.

Some might actually leave their cameras at home and go on a cruise with just their phone or just their Sony RX100 or just their Fuji x100. The ones I know anyway. We talk about passions. Some I know are passionate with cruises, yachting and boating or maybe wildlife. Or maybe it is really just being with friends and family. Maybe it is travelling to quite different countries with their other significant half. Someone who is into cars might go out and attend some of the car shows and car events. Someone who likes planes or aviation but spend their time at the airport and take images of interesting aircrafts or that first flight after the air route is re-established after a covid scare. Some guys get into a bit of everything but many don't. One doesn't have to say, I go on travel oh I have to shoot street, travel documentary, oh throw in the food and a beautiful sunset, then do some proper portraitures. Oh we went to a tourist wildlife park we gotta shoot some serious wildlife.

Likewise, we can take a Lonely Planet book or website.  Many or most tourists IMO it's not relevant.  While it would tell you when is the best times to go, what to see and do, what is the culture and history and what and where to learn more of it.  When are the festivals, what are the iconic local dishes in that town.  Just because the guidebook says all these things doesn't mean most people ought to follow it and do those activities.

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